S4, E02: The Rebuild

After nearly 20 years together, Tracy and her husband have been faced with infidelity and family tragedies; they reached a breaking point and decided to tear it all down and rebuild their marriage on their own terms. Tracy is sharing how they found new ways to deal with old issues and why they are honest with their kids about the work it takes to maintain a happy marriage. 

About the Guest

Tracy is a realist and extremely optimistic at the same time. She has been with her husband for 20 years, married 11. They have 4 kids (3 bio, 1 bonus) and a dog. Tracy is a Real Estate Advisor for the fabulous Minnesota residents. She’s had some pretty crazy experiences that are still molding me into the person I’m trying to be. Music gives me life. Tracy believes therapy is a MUST for everyone. When she’s not busy at work or with the family, Tracy can be found on the boat bass fishing!

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