S2, EP 6: Girlfriends’ Guide to Friendship and Marriage


DRL Podcast, Stefanie Fuentes

Have you ever gotten back together with a friend? Life coach SteFanie Fuentes is back on DRL to talk about healing broken friendships and why women need to have a chick over dicks mentality. Stefanie is also giving advice on how to get through rocky times in your relationship and sharing why she is totally fine going to bed angry.


About the guest

SteFanie Fuentes-Kumnipa is a certified professional empowerment and performance coach, speaker, writer, and podcaster. She is also the Founder of Better Life Choices of New York, (BLCNY), an emotional architectural, empowerment firm that specializes in life coaching for emotional health, pain management, change management, personal development, and life skills.


Things mentioned on this episode

SteFanie’s episode on Season 1 of DRL: S1,E21: What About Your Friends?


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