S3, E43: All Tied Up

Erotic visual artist Sir Dashington is sharing how he creates intimacy and taps into a woman’s body without sex and how he helps couples form a stronger bond through the work he was called to do. He is also giving advice on how to approach the conversation if you are not being sexually pleased in your relationship.

About the Guest

Sir Dash is an erotic visual performance artist / UV rope top bondage artist from Brooklyn, NY. He uses Sensual Sacred Sex Rituals, Chakra Shifting, Shibari Rope Bondage, UV Active Neon Ropes and Body Paint to sexually liberate his Muses taking them into a Beautiful Colorful Subspace like none other.  His UV dripping paint infused performance is topped with erotic sensual movements and theatrical scenes based within the beautiful BDSM/Art context. These artistic elements are essential for the showcase of his unique rope art. He has been performing across the US, healing and teaching self-love, through his erotic visual art for three years. His mission is to teach people of color who are, vanilla or expressing curiosity; seasoned lifestylers, rope enthusiasts and cultural love-seekers, to see BDSM and erotic art in a different perspective. He has set forth his path, to help people understand how sensuality and role playing with partners, play into happy and healthy relationships. His art creates a brightened perspective of BDSM, through the use of erotic visual art and vivid sensuality.

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