S3, E39: Let’s Do This Everyday

When they first met, Ruben had just gotten out of a relationship and Raul had just come out and never had a serious relationship. They are sharing how they got past the fears and decided to live in the now. Ruben is also sharing how healing his relationship with his father gave him the courage to let go of past hurt and love people as they are. 

About the Guest

Their relationship went from a passing “hi” and “bye” to an impassioned debate over who loved Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights more (the verdict, according to them, is still out). While Raul would claim that he loved the musical more because he saw it when it was off-off-Broadway, off-Broadway, and on Broadway, has twelve playbills for each time he’s been, and has an original cast hand-signed poster, Ruben contended that he loved the musical more not only because he knows every song, seen it a number of times each time taking different family members with him but also because despite having not step foot on a stage since his first grade performance of “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” and having the vocal range of a crow, Ruben auditioned for the lead role in the musical. The two have been bickering about nonsensical things ever since that interaction. Who loves the musical more is unclear but what is clear is their love for each other.

Both their journeys began in the Bronx, crossing the bridge into Queens, taking them to Washington, D.C., and now has them living–you guessed it–in the Heights. There are plenty of stories between then and now but here are just a few of them that serve as stepping stones to their big day and what will be a loving and supportive marriage.

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