S3, E29: Praise the Lord

After leaving her Catholic Church for a more lively one, Rachel developed a church crush. After a few months of dating he only wanted a friendship. Rachel is sharing how they went from just friends to married, why they prepared for marriage, and how they navigate their partnership with different racial and religious backgrounds.

About the Guest

In her late 20’s after several years in the corporate grind, working for the weekend, and going on terrible dates, Rachel had a yearning for more. Exploring who she was and who she wanted to be, did not lead her out of her hometown or to significant career changes. However, it took her on several amazing physical adventures and through a spiritual transformation. While pursuing her faith, she was fortunate enough to meet the man who would become her husband. As a newlywed, she is continuing to prioritize growing as an individual while also maintaining space for her and her husband to grow together in a healthy connected marriage


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