S2, E26: Life After Love

PJ’s first love died tragically, unsure of how to mourn the loss, PJ sought refuge in new partners which led to a sex addiction. After ending up in an unfulfilling relationship, PJ got to know and love himself through celibacy. He is sharing his journey of self discovery and telling us why he’s now ready for something real.


About the Guest

PJ is an actor, writer & producer. He currently produce & host 3 podcasts: Highly Melanated Podcast, Willing And Waiting Podcast & The Dear You Project. He studied acting at Stella Adler under the training of Phylicia Rashad, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Ruben Santiago-Hudson & Michelle Shay as well as Marishka Phillips. Since then, PJ has worked on several different off-broadway productions and is currently starring in “Justice on Trial” as Medgar Evers. In addition to acting and being the Production Manager for season 2 of Black Panties Web Series.


Mentioned on this episode:

Song: India Aire “I Choose”


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