S2, E45: A Tribe Called Confidence

Houston native Mya, started a thriving business and moved to Ghana, where she dated men from various tribes and is now in a relationship with an alpha male from the Asante tribe. She is sharing her thoughts on building a successful relationship including being honest with yourself, accepting people as they are, understanding the propaganda that women are fed about men, and why she thinks African men have so much confidence.


About the Guest

Mya James is an international entrepreneur, beauty expert and philanthropist. Mya owns Modern Makeup Society Schools in Houston and London and is a Beauty Education Curriculum and Content Writer. From a young age Mya understood when people fee beautiful they feel confident, happy, and even loved. She decided that would be only only her passion but her career, to make people look and feel beautiful. Upon finishing her sixth certification in beauty, esthetic, and dermatological studies she started to see the connection between beauty education and beauty business. The beauty industry is an ever evolving trade with high demand all over the world.

Mya saw the need to come into the Ghanaian sector and innovate how beauty professionals are trained, this drive led to the formations of Marie Noelle American Beauty Academy in Accra where Mya is a co-owner.

Since rerouting her career, Mya has opened four schools that span the globe. She is now developing beauty and training products that are eco-friendly, safe and affordable for the beauty industry.


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