S2, E31: sExpert Advice

Sexologist Michelle Hope is sharing how she came to this work and answering listener questions about threesome boundaries, faked orgasms, and intimacy vs. sex. Michelle and Tennesha also debate about how soon is too soon to have sex with a new partner.


About the Guest

Michelle Hope is not your regular Sexologist she is a passionate EDutainer who combines her love of Pop-Culture, Entertainment, and Sexuality into opportunities to educate and motivate. With a Master degree in Human Development and extensive post graduate training in sexuality. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the holistic implication of sexuality on one’s life presented in the many different intersections; including reproductive health, sexual identity, sexualization, intimacy as well as society and the media. She also had created a unique language to help people identify how sexuality is impacting their day to day interactions. Not only is she and author and activist she prides herself on the over 10 years’ experience in powerful public speaking in which she has delivered timeless lectures across the country working to help contemporary urban professionals understand those intersections to make connections in their pursuit to success.


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