S2, EP 5: Dating Decepticon

DRL Podcast, Marissa Clarke


Marissa met a guy, they feel in love and started planning a future. ¬†Unfortunately, that’s not what he really wanted. She’s sharing her run with the “decepticon” and the aftermath, as well as the reason she is still a hopeful romantic.


About the guest

Marissa Clarke is the principal writer for the lifestyle blog, UnicornINBK. Unicorn in Brooklyn (UIB) is a blog centered around life in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn from the perspective of a 30-something year old animated, sarcastic, creative, single Black women. On UIB you can expect to laugh, be inspired, and find motivation as you read weekly posts about dating debacles, life after love, romantic relationships, love, sex, traveling, mental health, Brooklyn centric eateries, self-care, and more!


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