S2, E46: Four Play

Major shares how having a flirtatious personality and unresolved traumas lead to the ending of a three and a half year relationship, and gave him the freedom to be himself. He also explains how he ended up with four wives in Lebanon and why he thrives in polyamorous relationships.

About the Guest

Born in New York from Jamaican heritage and now residing in Puerto Rico, Major Dream is a NCSF certified personal trainer and nutrition coach known for his motivational techniques and different training methods from around the world. With a unique full-body approach that transforms lifestyles and physiques through equal parts strategy, technique, humor and commitment, Major Dreams’ has won the heart of many, carving a loyal following in one of the most competitive markets in the country. Major Dream works with high-functioning athletes and innovative entrepreneurs building well rounded protocols focusing on movement, heart-rate, mindset & resistance.

In 2008, deciding to leave a stressful life and having found himself overweight overstressed and overworked, Major made a drastic change to follow his passion for fitness, nutrition and caribbean style cooking to South Beach, Miami. After changing hundreds of life in Miami through his programs, Major Dreams’ ever looking hunger for growth and personal development led him to challenge himself and decided to think global. As a Fitness & Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Major has traveled the world collecting memories throughout Dubai, Europe, Indonesia, and the Middle East, where he founded the successful plant-based cafe Wild & The Moon.

Now residing in Puerto Rico, Major generates concrete results through his enthusiasm, non-judgmental, all-encompassing method, and is a firm believer that fitness will modify your behavior and optimizes the happiness that come from a balanced lifestyle. Leading by example, he regularly participates in Tough Mudder and Super Spartan Adventure Race events, and prepares his high performing clients through his “30 Major Days Challenge” for a new healthy lifestyle, obstacle courses, bikini season, or just to look damn sexy all year round.

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