S3, E02: Open Secret, Part 2

Open relationship coach Linda is back to talk about how she navigates her open relationship and how her friends and family reacted to her open status. She is sharing how she made the meeting of her boyfriend and her partner comfortable for everyone and giving advice to couples considering an open relationship. 

About the Guest

Linda Rislin is a Visual Designer turned Open Relationship Coach that specializes in open dating and open companionships. “After my boyfriend and I opened our relationship a few years ago, I decided to create the support I wish I had when starting out on this journey.” That experience revealed how the culture of love in the U.S. was built on a foundation of possession and ownership. She now enjoys creating experiences that help shift it to a practice built on individualism and freedom. Her work focuses on supporting people during the beginning phase of the shift. “Sometimes you don’t know where to start and you’re scared that you’ll mess things up. Especially if you’ve only been taught that there’s only one way to be with someone romantically.” Although she primarily works with single women around open dating, she does love working with couples who are ready to restructure and shift their approach to relationship building. “Look. This shift requires a high level of emotional athleticism that some relationship structures do not require. And I’m here to support those who are ready and ensure they have fun while doing it.”

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