S4, E38: Souled: How This Couple Met on Facebook and Fell In Love a Week Later

Kola and Kofie met on Facebook and instantly realized they were soul mates. They fell in love within a week, and Kola sold her house and moved to Georgia with her children to start a life together. The couple shares how working on themselves led them to love and why they have no doubts despite moving so quickly.

About the Guest

Kofi is a step-parent of two, founder of Empowered Circle, a leadership and business consulting company, and co-founder of Be-neTh The Surface, a social entrepreneur company that sells products and services that promotes love.  

Kola is a mom of two, founder of House of Sparks realtor and interior design company, and co-founder of Be-neTh the Surface. 

Kola and Kofi met on November 4, 2019, and quickly realized that they were soulmates and twin-flames, and their love has a purpose that is bigger than the both of them. With a family legacy in mind, they have become lovers, best friends, co-parents, business and accountability partners. They have empowered each other to create their own individual businesses while establishing their company ‘Be-neTH the Surface’ where they serve as co-founders. 

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