S3, E11: Never Gonna Get It

Jazmin remained celibate through an entire 7-year relationship, but that changed when she became “smitten” for the first time. She went against her better instincts and ignored red flags, which lead to heartache. Jazmin shares how she was humbled by that experience and the lessons it taught her about loving unconditionally.

About the Guest

Jazmin was born in NJ, raised in NC and is a UNC-Chapel Hill Alma Mater c/o 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Nine to five, she is a designer and event Planner at the International Federation of Accountants. Her freelance company JAZMEEN designs printed textiles and womenswear. Jazmin writes short stories, create digital collage art, motion graphics, and writes memoirs of her everyday enchantments which can all be found on her website.


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