S2, EP 7: Hello From the Other Side

DRL Podcast, Donette Lowe

What is it like dating a woman when you have ONLY dated men your whole life? Donette considered herself “straight” for most of her life, then she fell in love with a woman! She is talking about living in her newfound queer identity, diving into the woman dating pool, and hope…heartbreak…and everything else that comes with it.


About the guest

Donette is a Kansas City, Kansas native, but has called Brooklyn home for the last three years. After graduating from Howard University with a psychology degree, she did a 360 and decided to pursue her fashion career. She’s currently a publicist for a luxury brand.

Outside of a traditional nine to five, Donette has began her own consulting business as well as running a creative collective for women who are into streetwear culture. Cozy Girl Squad is where her heart lies and the goal is to provide representation and connection for women, but especially women of color, who typically aren’t regarded in a culture that they are the foremothers of.

Donette currently resides in Sunset Park, single as hell, and taking it one nap at a time.


Things mentioned on this episode

The Same Difference documentary

Her dating app


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