S3, E16: Parents Just Don’t Understand

Model De’Ana Fierce made the decision to come out to her parents in college, and it put a strain on her family. De’Ana has stayed true to herself alongside her partner of 11 years. She’s sharing how their foundation of friendship has brought them through difficult times. Tennesha helps De’Ana to move forward and share her future plans with her family.

About the Guest

De’Ana Fierce has one simple, but lofty goal – to inspire individuals throughout the world to celebrate what makes people unique. A full time professional model and actress De’Ana created The Modeling Standard, a boutique agency that educates, informs, and inspires women to build lifelong healthy relationships with themselves on camera and in real life. Having started her career as a freelancer, De’Ana knows the ins and outs of making it in the entertainment industry. A small-town Mississippi girl of petite stature, she didn’t fit the ideal picture of what a model looks like. That’s why her content caters to models and influencers who do not fit the standard industry look. She is determined to make space in the industry by removing the barrier of the aspirational image and broaden the niche for women with unique features and atypical looks. De’Ana has been signed with a top agent for over 8 years and works regularly on regional and national campaigns, in television, commercials, and in film. Through her video tutorials, courses, and coaching she provides a realistic view of what it takes for anyone to make it in the entertainment industry. She currently resides in the Dallas area with her partner, Larisa and their doggy child, Miley. Connect with her online at themodelingstandard.com


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