S2, EP 13: Free Therapy with Cynthia Branch

Therapist and #Blacklove cast member, Cynthia Branch is back to give advice to Tennesha and other habitual “relationship runners.” They discuss how independence can be detrimental to your relationship and why men need to feel needed. Cynthia is also giving insights on common therapy issues including abandonment, divorce, and mommy wounds. You’ll also learn why we need to stop glamorizing shade and pettiness in order to become more self aware.


About the guest

Cynthia Branch is a licensed mental health provider who specializes in emotional healing and mindset shifting. She has a thriving private practice in NYC; offering individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy.Cynthia also speaks on panels and offer seminars and workshops mainly around women’s issues.


Things mentioned on this episode

Cynthia’s Previous DRL appearances: 

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