S3, E30: Hot Nerd Summer

24-year-old Anna is on the fast track to career success and will soon be pursuing her Ph.D. Tennesha and Anna discuss whether it is harder to date with a higher education and the concept of being “equally yolked.” Tennesha is also giving advice about what to ask on a first date to get past the nonsense.

About the Guest

Anna is a 24 year old young black professional woman living in NYC and going to graduate school at NYU. She’s a Biology Master’s student studying genetics and environmental health. Anna also works as a science teacher for a non-profit environmental education organization. She is passionate about advocating for diversity in STEM, empowering black people, and global climate change awareness. Anna is starting a new podcast & blog called Annademia about being a black woman in grad school in a STEM field and tips and tricks for surviving grad school.


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